I am unique and you won't find another copy of me. I was made of recycled mohair and silk strands so there is zero waste and throwing away any left wool.


I am made of 75% extremely lovely and pleasant mohair and 25% silk. Just touch me and you won’t like to take me off.


I can fit sizes XS-L, 6-14 UK.


Wear me on a bare body (it is so soft it doesn't itch) or for a more snazzy look, match me with a crispy white blouse.


As the textile industry is poluting out environment, I would like to stay as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. This ZERO WASTE JUMPER is the result of this philosophy.



If you really want to wash me, please only hand-wash me in light warm water. I hate washing machines! After washing, lay me on the flat surface and do not hang me to dry.

Match me with a More Her Beanie or More Her Snood so I don’t get lonely.

SzubiCrafts : Polish crafts with love and care.

Zero Waste Mohair Vest

  • 75% Mohair / 25% Silk.

  • Length: 51 cm

    Width: 48 cm