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I am a GO TEAM JACKET and I come from the newest and freshest collection ever that has come out from the SzubiCrafts needles - PASTELOVE!


Feeling extra competitve today and would run a mile or jump over a hurdle or two? Awesome!


With this  super trendy varsity jacket made of super fine merino wool in 45 different shades, you can be your own champion. Stand on the coolness podium cause trust me, there are no competitors in the game when you are wearing me.


If you like I can stitch a letter on the chest just to be completely inspired by this vintage look.





It is possible to customise me. Pick colours with me - one solid colour, one colour and edges in a different shade!


If you really want to wash me, please only hand-wash me in light warm water. I hate washing machines! After washing, lay me on the flat surface and do not hang me to dry.

SzubiCrafts: Polish crafts with love and care.

Go Team Jacket

  • 100% merino wool

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