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This is the newest collection for AW 2018/2019 so let me introduce myself.

More Her Sweater is designer for classy and elegant women or men who love soft textiles but at the same time just want to look chic and confident. Vibrant pinks, greens, blacks and whites are the show-stopper.

I am made of 75% extremely lovely and pleasant mohair and 25% silk. Just touch me and you won’t like to take me off.

Custom-made sweater to cover your body like a little fluffy cloud. Please refer to the colour card and choose the number.


If you really want to wash me, please only hand-wash me in light warm water. I hate washing machines! After washing, lay me on the flat surface and do not hang me to dry.

Match me with a More Her Beanie or More Her Snood so I don’t get lonely.

SzubiCrafts : Polish crafts with love and care.

More Her Sweater

  • 75% Mohair / 25% Silk.

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